Assessor's Office

Jodie L. BrownJodie L Brown, County Assessor
101 S Main Street 3rd Floor
New Castle, IN 47362
(765) 529-2104
Fax: (765) 521-7083

Monday Closed

Tuesday through Thursday
7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


The Primary Functions of the County Assessor's Office:
  • Assessment of Real and Personal Property
  • Real Estate and Personal Property Appeals

County Assessor:

The County Assessor identifies, lists and calculates the assessed value of all Real and Personal property. In general, the County Assessor performs the following duties:

  • Oversees the General Reassessment process
  • Serves as Member/Secretary of the County Property Tax Assessment Board of Appeals
  • Insures countywide uniform Property Assessment Equalization
  • Acts as the Inheritance Tax Appraiser and represents the Inheritance Tax Division
  • Discovers and identifies omitted property
  • Calculates the assessed value of all real property in each taxing district
  • Verifies and reviews the self reported values of all personal property in each taxing district
  • Calculates the total assessed value of each taxing district
  • Certifies current Assessments to the County Auditor's Office
  • Utilizes recent sales of land (Sales Disclosures) to establish base market rates and values in each neighborhood, adjusts base values for location, nearness to amenities and other influence factors
  • Is responsible for the selection of Assessment Software and Computer Systems

Property Tax Assessment - Real & Personal Property

  • Real Property is assessed on March 1st of each year. -Personal Property is based on property owned March 1st. Forms filed annually by May 15th.

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