Three Rivers Solid Waste Management District

Henry County Solid Waste Management District

Our Mission

Henry County Solid Waste Management District was created to evaluate existing solid waste management programs, to project future needs of the District, and identify the combination of existing and new programs needed to manage the districts solid waste. Moreover, the District will aid municipalities and local governments, institutions, the business community and its citizens in the implementation of solid waste management programs targeted towards; Meeting Indiana's long-term waste reduction goals, preserving and enhancing the environment, protecting natural resources and the public health and safety of the citizens of Henry County.


Contact Information

Director:  JoAnne McCorkle
Administrative Assistant:  Brenda Bockover

1121 Broad Street
New Castle, IN 47362
(765) 529-1691

(Board of Directors appointment is according to IC 13-21-3-4) 

Henry County SWMD Board of Directors

Mayor - Greg York 
Commissioner - Ed Tarantino
Commissioner - Steve Dellinger
Commissioner - Bobbi Plummer
City Council - Aaron Dicken
Town Council - Kristi Mosier
County Council - Kenon Gray

The Henry County SWMD Board of Directors meet at 5 p.m. on the 2nd Wednesday of every month.
Meetings are held on the second floor of the Henry County Courthouse, 101 South Main St. New Castle

Citizens Advisory Committe Members

President - Donna Tauber
Vice President - Richard Bouslog
Secretary - Butch Baker
Marianne Hughes
Connie Stevens

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Gateway Report for 2013
Gateway Report for 2014
Gateway Report for 2015
Gateway Report for 2016