Probation Department

Mission Statement: The Henry County Probation Department strives to ensure the safety of the community by providing community-based supervision and accessing evidence based programming for offenders based on their identified needs. Assisting offenders with taking responsibility for their actions, addressing their identified rehabilitation needs and reducing recidivism is foremost in our goals as we serve the offenders, families, courts and community as we work closely with Law enforcement, community corrections and other community agencies. The Henry County Probation Department is dedicated to providing resources and supervision to make Henry County a safer place to living going forward into the future.

Vision Statement: The Henry County probation department strives to achieve excellence in the field of probation through prioritizing evidence based training for its staff and evidence based programs for the clients that we serve. Our staff is truly the most important asset that we possess and their ability to provide ethical, responsible and impartial services to all clients and families is a consistent goal in our vision for the future of Henry County probation.


1215 Race Street
New Castle IN 47362

(Located in the Justice Center)


Chief Probation Officer Suite 160 Phone: 765-529-9174 B Fax: 765-529-9213

Susan B. Lightfoot

Juvenile Probation Officers Suite 160 Phone: 765-529-9174 B Fax: 765-529-9213

Tiffany Byers
Esther Kaelin
Jeremy Havens

Adult Probation Officers Suite 150 Phone: 765-529-6139 B Fax: 765-529-9213

Tami McKinney
Amy Bell
Stephanie Criswell
Brittany Manship
Kevin Moore
Mike Ashby

Probation Department

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Welcome to the Henry County Probation Department web pages. These pages are designed to provide information to the entire community concerning the Henry County Probation Department, which serves Henry County Circuit Court, Henry County Superior Court I and Henry Superior Court 2 through the preparation of presentence investigation reports, preliminary investigation reports and the supervision of misdemeanor, felony and juvenile offenders. In the completion of these duties, the department provides protection of the community by identifying and reporting continued criminal and/or delinquent activity. Office visits, community contacts, and urine drug screening are all key components in the supervision of offenders and in reinforcing law-abiding behavior. The department also provides services or refers offenders to appropriate programs to increase their competency and support rehabilitation.


All probation officers must be certified by the Sate of Indiana. Minimum requirements for certification include: twenty-one (21) years of age, U.S. citizenship, having received a bachelor's degree from an accredited university, be of good moral character and pass a written examination within six (6) months of hire.

Probation officers must also meet continuing education requirements on a yearly basis as well as to complete an orientation program conducted by the Indiana Judicial Center within the first year of employment.

Probation officers must have a working knowledge of local, state, and federal regulations, standard policies, procedures and legal terminology of the justice system, and a knowledge of and ability to make practical application of current developments, theories, and trends in behavior and supervision of probationers.

The Indiana Judicial Center is charged with developing standards for probation in Indiana according to Indiana Code IC 11-13-1-8.


The Henry County Probation Department offers internship opportunities to qualified college
students. Through this non-paid program, students are able to gain valuable insight and
experience in the field of Probation. Interns observe all aspects of probation and as they gain
experience and competence, they may conduct routine interviews with probationers and
complete other tasks as deemed appropriate by the supervising Probation Officer. Queries and
interests in the Internship Program should be submitted to Susan Lightfoot, Chief Probation
Officer, 1215 Race Street, Suite 160, New Castle, Indiana 47362.



Monday 7:30 PM Open Meeting, St. James Episcopal Church
Tuesday 7:30 PM St. Anne's Catholic Church
Thursday 7:30 PM St. Anne's Catholic Church
Thursday 7:30 PM YMCA Jar Community Church
Friday 5:30 PM Brandywine Community Church, Greenfield
Friday 6:30-9:30 PM Madison Park Church, Anderson
Friday 7:30 PM Open Meeting, St. James Episcopal Church
Friday 9:10 PM First Baptist Church
Saturday 6:00-7:00 PM Sanctuary Church
Sunday 4:00 PM St. Anne's Catholic Church
Sunday 5:00-6:00 PM Middletown Church of the Nazarene



How are cases assigned?

Cases are assigned to Probation Officers on a random basis as received from the courts. Generally, you will be assigned to the next officer on the list. However, some cases are assigned to specific officers, such as when a defendant is already on probation with a particular officer or when a defendant has been on probation in the past.

Are my records public information?

Adult criminal conviction information is in the public domain, and may be accessed by anyone through the Clerk's Office. However, specific personal data and information utilized by the Probation Department is not available to the public. Juvenile records are confidential.

What is a Presentence Investigation?

A Presentence Investigation is a background check and social history compiled by the Probation Department prior to sentencing, and provided to the Judge, Prosecutor, and your Attorney. Presentence Investigations are ordered in nearly all felony cases, and in some misdemeanor cases if requested. The information from the Presentence Investigation is used by the Court to assist in determining an appropriate decision in your case. Presentence Investigations are considered confidential information, and are not released to the public.

How do I pay my fees?

Probation User's Fees, drug screen urinalysis fees, and Juvenile Program fees are paid through the Henry County Probation Department. You can either pay in person at the office or you can mail your payment to: Adult Probation Department, 1215 Race St., Ste. 150, New Castle IN 47362 or Juvenile Probation Department, 1215 Race St., Ste., New Castle IN 47362. Be sure your name, as well as your cause number, is on the money order. Your cause number is the number which appears on all of your court information, such as 33xxx-xxxx-xx-xxxx. ONLY CASH OR MONEY ORDERS WILL BE ACCEPTED! We do NOT take personal checks, debit cards, or credit cards. We do have a contract with Government Payment Service, Inc. where you can pay your fees (only those that are payable in the probation office) by credit card. Further information about this service is available at either the Juvenile or Adult Probation Department. All other fees (court costs, restitution, etc.) are paid in the Clerk's Office.

Does the Clerk's Office take personal checks or credit cards?

The Clerk's Office will accept only cash or money orders in payment for court costs, restitution, or other fees ordered payable in the Clerk's Office. You may pay these fees in person or you may mail payments to: Henry County Clerk's Office, P.O. Box B, New Castle IN 47362. If you are mailing in your payment, make sure to write your cause number on the money order. Your cause number is the number which appears on all of your court information, such as 33xxx-xxxx-xx-xxxx.

Can my Probation be transferred?

Generally, yes. If you reside in another state or county, you may request to have your probation transferred to your local jurisdiction. However, transfers are subject to approval by the receiving jurisdiction, depending on a number of different criteria. There is also a mandatory transfer fee of $75.00, payable prior to transfer. In addition, all of your other fees you were ordered to pay must be paid up-to-date before a transfer is considered. Probationers who are allowed to transfer to other states or counties are required to abide by the local rules of probation as well as Henry County Probation rules.

Can I leave the state while on probation?

Limited travel permission may be granted to other states during the probation term, with approval of the supervision probation officer. Such travel requires a waiver of extradition, and may be subject to other restrictions, appropriate to your case. Travel permission can also be denied, subject to your current probation status.

How can I get in touch with a Probation Officer?

Your probation officer may be contacted during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (closed 12:00 noon to 1:00 p.m. daily for lunch) at: Adult B 765-529-6139 or Juvenile B 765-529-9174. You may not be able to speak to your probation officer immediately, but voice mail is available to leave a message.

What should I do if I cannot make or have missed my appointment?

Contact your Probation Officer personally and explain the situation. The Probation Officer will then determine what action will be taken.

What if my child is detained?

At the time of your child's detention, you should be told by the arresting officer that you should call the probation office as early as possible the next regular business day, at 765-529-9174. (We are closed on Saturdays and Sundays.) At that time, you will be told when you will meet with a probation officer or, if a court hearing is scheduled, when the court hearing will be held. There are many specific rules concerning the detention of a child, and you will be advised of those rules as soon as you meet with the probation officer. Please note you will not be allowed to visit your child until after the probation office has made arrangements for you to do so. If you have further questions, contact our office at 765-529-9174.


To file a criminal report or charge

Contact your local law enforcement agency (or 9-1-1 if it is an emergency):
New Castle Police Department, 765-529-4890 (dispatch)
Office address: 227 N. Main St., New Castle IN 47362
Henry County Sheriff's Department, 765-521-7041 (dispatch)
Office address: 127 N. 12th St., New Castle IN 47362
Knightstown Police Department, 765-345-2785
Middletown Police Department, 765-354-2281
Indiana State Police, 1-800-437-7159 or 765-825-2115

To report child neglect or abuse

Contact the Department of Child Services (DCS) at 765-529-3450
Office address: 503 New York Avenue, New Castle IN 47362

To contact an emergency mental health service

Meridian Services (local mental health), 765-521-2450,
Office address: 930 North 14th St., New Castle IN 47362

Henry County Prosecutor's Office

Address: 1215 Race St., Ste. 250, New Castle IN 47362; Phone: 765-529-4614

Henry County Public Defender's Office

Address: 1215 Race St., Ste. 170, New Castle IN 47362; Phone: 765-521-0949

Henry County Community Corrections

Address: 100 Van Nuys Rd., New Castle IN 47362; Phone: 765-593-0425

Adult Basic Education

Address: 1407 Walnut St., New Castle IN 47362; phone: 765-521-7226

Indiana State Parole Office

Address: 100 Van Nuys Rd., PO Box 612, New Castle IN 47362; phone, 765-529-2359

Henry County Employment & Training Services

Address: 1416 Broad St., New Castle IN 47362; phone: 765-529-3010

Henry County Hospital

Address: 1000 N. 16th St., New Castle IN 47362; phone: 765-521-0890



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